* ¿Which season is the best to take this tour?

We recommend to do this activity on summer season, because the weather is better at this time of the year and you can enjoy much more the tour.

* ¿What is the length of the tour?

This is a tour that takes 3 days to complete, it is better when you have free time and take pictures of the beautiful landscape of our region. We start the first day at 8:15 am and the third day we finish at 16:30 pm app.

* What is the appropriate equipment that I have to use?

The company provides you just the bicycle and the security equipment for the activity. The clothes are responsibility of the tourist. It is recommendable to wear sun glasses, trekking shoes, a good pair of socks, waterproof clothes.

* How much does this tour cost?

The price of the tour is USD$200 (CLP$116.000). The price includes full board, accommodation, life insurance and also the equipment that the bicycle activity requires.


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